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Barbara Havens

Barbara is a compassionate, matured clinical counselor. Barbara practices a holistic, multi-faceted approach to therapy which incorporates emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and social aspects of treatment to encourage her clients toward caring for themselves in the best way possible.  She is trained in mind-body medicine and holistic treatment of disease and stress.  Barbara specializes in adult behavioral therapy, individual counseling, trauma treatment and management, parenting instruction, and chronic disease management.  She approaches her work and her clients with humility, respectful curiosity, reverence for the process, awe for the resilience of each of us, and gratitude for the experience.

Barbara was educated in clinical psychology and counseling at the University of Houston Clear Lake and is dually licensed in Florida (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) and Illinois (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor).  She has practiced for over 25 years in a broad range of treatment environments, including hospital, private practice, child welfare agency, and social services,

Whether a pebble in your shoe or a boulder in your heart, there are times for all of us when it is difficult just to stand upright. A compassionate companion, another perspective, a reasoned reflection, a mirror, a belief in your capacities-all these things and more within the therapeutic relationship supports your journey toward living your best, most authentic life.

Barbara is a mom, a grandmother, a native Texan, and a grateful Floridian, and she welcomes the invitation to walk with you for a while.

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